The Five Types Of Social Dance

The Five Types Of Social Dance

Unlike performances, social dance involves dancing with people, where the singer might be alone or have dancers. There are different social dances, both modern and ancient. Kizomba dance, for example, involves two people, in most cases, the partners display public affection. It is a slow dance with a low tone or high music, rhymes perfectly with RnB. The dance can make you fall in love with your dancing partner because of how intimate it is. Kizomba is common in America and Europe, the lady dancers wear heels to get the moves simultaneously. The song creates a calm feeling of happiness and contentment.

Break dancing originated in America in the 1970s, a group of people lines up in a circle to give their moves. The competition is stiff, for every dancer has to produce an exciting dance style that fans love. Break-dance moves are fun, they are interesting to hip-hop singers and lovers. It is easier to learn because of the challenges faced by your competitors. You can move only one part of your body, either the arms, legs without too much effort. Creativity is key to becoming the best break-dancer, form new ideas, try them out then see how they work.

The Waltz involves a male with

Line dancing, just as the name suggests, people line up to follow a specific synchronized movement. Commonly preferred by an artist for their videos, the dancers dress in similar costumes. Their styles are unique, with varieties to transit from each time the song bits change. This type of dance is common in the Roman Catholic Church for the procession liturgy team. During wedding ceremonies, the bridal procession line up in a dance as they march inside a church. It is easier compared to break-dance, you only have to master the moves of your fellow partners, then switch to the other step where necessary.

The Waltz involves a male with a female dance partner, performed in balls. Originated from Europe in the 16th century, not common in this era but, Americans still dance it during big dinner events. This type of dance appeals to older adults due to their dress code and sense of style as far as music is concerned. In the middle of this dance, partners interchange simultaneously, get involved in small talks to strengthen their bond in business. Some couples meet, start dating in such events, in a way, it is interactive and best for rapport building.

The Five Types Of Social Dance

Tango means two, the dance is similar to Kizomba but has sharp moves and turns. First performed in Uruguay and Argentina before being adapted by different countries. A type of dance is determined by people’s age, the genre of music, and era. Artists are free to select dance styles based on their taste, songs being produced, relevance in the music industry.

These dance styles of ancient times differ slightly from the modern period because of the age bracket. Although this does not matter, fans feel pressured to learn new things and go with the current trend. Social dance is fun due to a large group of individuals involved in it. It is the best mode of entertainment when you are alone with your partner.